Is Growing Your Business a Daily Challenge?

Are You Worried About Monthly Revenue, Cash Flow and Profit?

Does Something Require Fixing, But You’re Not Sure What?

Our focus is to help the small business owner accelerate growth and maintain profit while we work within an affordable budget.

Why not have the right conversation with the right person to help you reframe your vision.  Let us challenge your assumptions about things like financial management, managing change and marketing for a pragmatic answer to a new strategy for growing your business.

We’ll meet with you for an initial, free, consultation, get an overview of your business and your challenges and tell you if we think we can help.  If we can, we’ll then provide a proposal to ensure we mutually agree on a cost that can easily fit into your current financial picture.

Some Businesses Dream of Growth
We Make It Happen

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Consulting and Coaching

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Consulting, coaching and helping the small business grow to its next level is our only mission. Many of the business disciplines listed on ths website may be perfectly aligned with your vision and operating well.

We’ll review all systems and strategy to ensure this to be true. After all, you wouldn’t be checking our website if growth and profit were healthy.

Devising a strategy to grow your business is the passion and purpose of EnerVize.

Working with EnerVize and Andrew was a positive, eye opening experience. We moved from frustration and no growth to a profitable and growing business in about a year. He is easy to work with, affordable and helped us see things that kept us from fulfilling our dream.

Bob and Nancy Joudanin,
Curtains Boutique

Managing Change

Organizational culture is an invisible, but powerful force that influences the behavior of the groups who work together in the organization. This influence has a direct relation to how the company performs. Often, when performance suffers the company culture needs a change.

Culture change normally comes with resistance from the team. But it is the essential pathway to next level growth and profit.  Our skills can help you manage these changes to create the foundation for sustained growth.

Managing Change

Hiring EnerVize proved to be a wise investment. They turned around my sales and financial picture.

Brent Johnson

Financial Management

Managing Money

Sound financial management is your GPS. It ensures your company does not get lost, arrives on time, and meets monetary expectations.

We’ll analyze your company’s financial systems and reporting structures so that we can recommend changes and upgrades where necessary.

Systems and Processes

Every company has a distinct need for efficiency and coordination of essential business systems. These systems and/or processes can be very simple or more complex, depending on the particular needs and requirements of the company. We’ll examine yours, provide feedback and offer recommendations when necessary

Thinking Systems

Marketing and Sales


Marketing — including digital, social media, email, and traditional avenues — must produce leads then sales and distribution of your product or service. It is the life blood of all revenue.  

We’ll look at all of these options, and their tracking results, to find ways to increase your revenue.

Team Development

It’s impossible to grow without the right team. A team you can trust and one you know has your back through the challenges you face.

The right team makes all the difference while you focus on the big picture of growing your business. We’re experienced in training and team development. We can even help you recruit new team members when necessity dictates.

Team Building

Working Together

Working Together

We can help you regain your footing.

Our purpose is to ensure that your small business grows profitably. Whether you’re a start-up, have been in business a few years or well into your business life cycle, if you’re stuck, we’ll help you get back on track. And, because we only work with small businesses, we understand the particular financial issues at play. We will work hard to respect your budget and propose a plan you can afford. We’ll support you throughout the entire process.

EnerVize pointed us in the right direction to success…we’re making money now. They were knowledgeable and patient, listened well, understood my issues and filled me with confidence. I trusted their guidance.

Jerri McCrary

Get busy growing!