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Change Is Imminent

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Your organization is simply not growing financially the way you have envisioned it would. You think you have the right plan, the right team, and the right product or service. What is your obstacle to growth?
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Ten Tips To Get You Started with Social Media and Content Marketing

There is no question. Social media can help grow your small business (SMB).

Check out Marketme, a well-respected social media news, views and advice blog.

Overall, social media forms the basis of any business which is eyeing growth and success in the online world. Businesses which use social media as a significant part of their online marketing efforts are sure to reap great rewards in the form of a successful business, as well as separate their brand and services from the competition.

Tools of Social Marketing

The trick to making social media/content marketing (SMCM) work for your small business, however, is understanding a few of the important steps and characteristics of this great, relatively new, marketing tool.

First, focus on the fact that it’s just that: a new tool in the marketing mix.  That does not mean you’re adding another expense category to your overall marketing.  It does mean it’s the appropriate time to conduct a total marketing analysis  in your organization.  Some things in the marketing mix work better than others and some are probably not effective.  Decide what is working and what is not.  Eliminate the marketing that is proving ineffective for your specific business.  And, let’s agree now that it’s difficult to win in today’s world unless your business has an online component.

Let’s look at a few statistics:

  • 47% of small businesses in the U.S. still lack a website.
  • 94% of small businesses in the U.S. lack a mobile website, yet mobile marketing is growing at an alarming rate.
  • 60% of small business owners with a website say their website is their most effective marketing tool.

These stats vary + – 5% depending on the source, but in general reflect an overall accurate picture for the small business.

Slowly SMB’s are buying into websites and digital marketing (online marketing, Internet marketing).  With that in mind, the small business owner who is serious on business growth must grasp the fact that the world is fully engaged in online search, inquiry and purchase regardless of the product or service.

Okay, Social Media/Content Marketing.  All current data shows this new marketing works and works well.  In fact it’s the near perfect marketing tool for the SMB.  So, if you have been hesitant or think it’s over hyped, now is the time to put those thoughts aside and get on board or get left behind.

Here’s how to get started with social media content marketing

  1. Important – devise a strategy and plan before you leap into a new program.
  2. Recognize that Social Media/Content Marketing, like any form of marketing is not a path to instant gratification.  You may notice early small successes, but overall patience is a must for effectiveness.  Make it a long-term commitment.   Six months is bronze, 1 year is silver and 2 years is gold.  Give it time an reap big rewards.
  3. Make the decision whether to do your program in house or use an outside firm/agency.  Taking it outside is not expensive.  You can get it done professionally and effectively for about $600 per month and eliminate all the headaches associated with inexperienced in house implementation.
  4. DO NOT use an intern or inexperienced person to accomplish your SMCM program.  It’s way too critical to its success to take the chance.  This is an investment to ensure growth.
  5. Should you decide to implement an in house program you must be consistent in your blog  posting…minimum of 6 per month, every month.
  6. Establish both a Facebook and a Twitter account for your business and auto feed your blog posts to these social media platforms.  Post other short information to Facebook and Twitter 4-5 times per week.
  7. Social Media/Content Marketing posts should have a focus of engaging and helping your audience, rather than for the sole purpose of selling your product/service or hyping your business.  Sales will come as a byproduct of the help you offer.
  8. Establish a Google Analytics account in order to measure effectiveness and traffic.
  9. Offer FREE downloads/information to help the searcher.  This will generate leads.  Allow them to find you, rather than the “find um and beat um into submission” old school tactic.
  10. Establish a sound CTA (call to action) and lead follow up plan.  Have an urgency for prospect follow through and contact.

Social Media and Content Marketing is the best new age marketing of the future.  It’s not a gimmick, a fad or a passing fancy.  It’s is a new, highly effective, marketing tool when used correctly and consistently over the long-term.

Finance: The Foundation

A realistic budget and a sound financial management system is the most important element to growing your small business. 

Having the right system and making that system a religion in your business is the difference between carefully monitoring, planning and ensuring growth and operating in an environment of financial surprise and despair.  An environment that virtually guarantees no growth.(THIS DOESN’T MAKE SENSE)

What does it take to establish a financial system?

How do you monitor it?

  1. Create a detailed budget and be disciplined in its use.
  2. Create and implement the budget monitoring system.
    The entire team must be on board and adhere to its implementation and usage.
    If any member of the team resists the system that person does not belong.
  3. Software selection is important. 
    Enlist the guidance of an expert and don’t overspend, since it can easily happen.
  4. Monitoring
    An efficient system is monitored and adjusted on a weekly basis through weekly reporting.  The reporting system must not be complicated. 
    Report on broad revenue, expenses and profit as compared to budget/goals.  Weekly reports are generated from  the bottom up and every reporting member of the team must adhere to the system and its deadlines.
  5. The plan path
    Weekly leads to monthly, monthly to quarterly and quarterly to year end results and successful budget performance.  Each step along the path leads to annual growth for the organization.

Take the financial management system to heart

It is the foundation of growing your small business.  Ideas can be great, marketing may be tops, customer service can be the best and you can have the best sales person/team, but if you do not have and maintain financial management and budget control your organization will struggle with growth and ultimately fail in its attempt to grow.

Finally, if your corporate culture is not suited or energized for this type of financial monitoring and management it’s time to change the culture to ensure the growth of the organization.

Get Busy Growing

Our Focus

The focus of Get Busy Growing (GBG) is on growing your small business. We are your resource when it comes to strategy and solutions for business growth.  GBG is linked to and part of the consulting group EnerVize, The Small Business Growth Strategist.

We’ll write about all areas of small business growth and discuss the strategy, drive, risks, rewards and fears of growing your small business. We’ll tackle the monumental goal of taking your business to its next level of profitable growth. GBG will offer advice, plans, methods and maneuvers to help you reach your growth goals. In doing so, you can expect discussions on the following:

  • Strategy and Analysis
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing, Social Media and Content (blogging)
  • Sales
  • Change Strategy and Management
  • Organizational Development
  • Helpful Tips and Ideas

Because growth is a challenge during all stages of the business lifecycle, Get Busy Growing will help any small business, from the start-up to the mature, struggling to achieve their next level of profitable growth.

All businesses plateau at one time or another. Our mission is to help you move beyond that plateau to the next level of financial success

Use our four C’s to climb past the plateau: Communication, Coaching, Consulting and Comforting

  • We can sit back while you gain knowledge from our weekly communication.
  • Or we can become more involved with coaching.
  • And if that doesn’t suit your needs, we offer comprehensive consulting to match your requirements.

We sincerely hope our business will help to ensure the growth you have envisioned for your business.

In putting the final touch on this inaugural issue of Get Busy Growing here are few final thoughts:

  • This will be the last time we talk about us. Going forward it’s about you, your organization’s challenges, desired solutions and expected outcomes.
  • Get Busy Growing and are your universal knowledge bases for small business growth solutions. Please tell us what you need and how we might help you achieve your dream.
  • We truly care about your business success and wish you much happiness as you grow and prosper.