Change Is Imminent

Your vision is to grow

You’ve maintained the same revenue level for a sustained period.
It’s been months, years or even multiple years. In fact, there are times when revenue not only doesn’t grow, but it actually declines. What you had envisioned simply isn’t happening. You think you have the right plan, the right team, and the right product/service mix.

Are you losing sleep over the above scenario?

It’s all too common with the small business. A change is needed within the organization. But, before the change, a detailed analysis must occur. The analysis is a critical component to implementing the necessary changes that will place the company in the mode of growth.

Your steps to change should look similar to this:

The Meeting

You’ll call the team together. Discuss the meetings purpose, provide a brief overview, perhaps make a few assignments and set a timeline. Candor is primary during this meeting. Close with a Q & A session.

The Timeline

While you want this to be detailed and complete, it can’t drag on forever. So, set a realistic date of completion and stick to the deadline, with a touch of flexibility.

Conducting the Analysis

Depending on the structure of your organization, you will need to make assignments to each department and have a format or procedure for conducting said analysis. Here you may require outside help from an expert. Analyze every key area of the company, including a self-analysis, if you are the owner. Do not allow politics or self-protection to enter the picture. Remember, you’re conducting this in order to set the company on a path to profitable growth.

The Review

Once complete, you will see strengths and weaknesses in the organization. Self- honesty within the organization is a must during the review. There is no room for rationalization or excuses as to why things are the way they are. The facts speak for themselves and changes need to occur for growth and perhaps, even survival.

Change Implementation and Management

Now it’s time to implement the changes necessary to create “The Growth Organization”.

Here you will face three human characteristic types. Chances are you had no idea they even existed in your company.

  1. There will be the easy to recognize, genuinely excited and positive people who are ready for the change. They see the benefits clearly and are ready to help with the implementation.
  2. Then there are the ones in the middle. They’re not sure. They may be really good people, but they’re not ready to embrace the change.
  3. Finally, comes the worst group, but the easiest with which to deal. These are resisters. The ones who have no intent on changing, embracing the change or in any way supporting those who are on board with the new plan.

So, the good, the unsure and the resister.

Don’t spend time and energy with the resister. Eliminate them from your business quickly and move forward with your new plan.

Do devote time to those who are unsure, the ones in the middle. These are valuable people. They either don’t understand, are influenced by the resister or just may be a little slower to adapt. Either way, they deserve your attention.

Let’s Get Busy Growing!