Want Me to Speak to Your Group?

As a small business consultant and growth strategist I am often asked to speak at conferences and/or business meetings.

I have spoken to groups as small as 10 and as large as 1000. My speaking fee is based on group size, topic and necessary customization plus reasonable expenses.

The Line Up Of Topics

  • Content Marketing and Social Media the Lifeblood of digital marketing and growing your business.
  • The Start-Up of You…Entrepreneurship in Your Second Half of Life.
  • The Geriboomer Generation…Acting Your Age is the Last Thing You Should Do.
  • The Visionary Art and Science of Growing Your Business.
  • EmpathyIQ for Service Excellence…customer service, the retention tool.
  • EmpathyIQ for the Senior Living support staff.
  • Custom Topics on Request

Use the contact form to give a brief description of the speaking topic you have in mind and the date of the proposed speaking engagement.

Or call and leave me a message: 540-577-9738. I will contact you within 24 hours.